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"It's All About The Brand!"

Community , Culture & Business !- Comunidad, Cultura Y Comercio!

Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

PRHCCPC is the acronym of the "Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County". Located within the Central Florida region. Run, founded and headed by Mrs. Ana Rivera, President and CEO, resident of Lakeland, Florida. We are recognized as a new growing entity, better yet "an emerging majority", here in Central Florida by the "Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce" in the state of Florida. With 5 other chambers within the same umbrella. BROWARD, PALM BEACH, DUVAL, CLAY COUNTIES. Now in Duluth Georgia and in Puerto Rico as well. Additionally members of the great USHCC.

Polk County, being it's main home and headquarters for PRHCCPC,Inc., we are looking to work closely with local Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Non-Hispanic members of the business community. Giving them access to networking, marketing and growth potential inside and outside of the Polk County area. From news worthy articles, to outside organizations in and out the political arena. The Puerto  Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County is your door to the world outside of Polk County. The bridge to your company's recognition starts here within our organization. No matter how large, small or even if you are on your way to beginning your new business, we will be your chamber.

As a small organization we are supported, sponsored and mentored by groups within our community.Both in the business areas to even to the houses of worship.

PRHCCPC's (The Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County,Inc.) sole purpose is to serve as a voice to those who have none in the business arena.Either because of a language barrier or being new to our area. Breathing freshness into the Hispanic and Non-Hispanic business community in Polk County and it's surrounding counties of the Central Florida region. As a small close knit group of dynamic professionals within this organization, we aim to serve as mentors, consultants and supporters of the growing Hispanic business / entrepreneur in and out of Polk County. Utilizing any and all vehicles available to our organization and it's members.With a new and innovative way for them to expand and make their dream a business savvy reality.

"Our goal is to become the ambassadors of goodwill within the Hispanic and Non Hispanic community here in Polk County. By building a bridge of business communication between Polk County, Puerto Rico and all the Hispanic communities.Through a grassroots mentality we expect to grow even more. In 2014 we will be celebrating our 7th year a huge accomplishment for us. Join us and be part of the growth and influence within the Latino community of Polk County!

Remember always "it's all about the brand!"

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Our Vision

Being the premier Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Polk County , by helping businesses, professionals and individuals reach their full potential while preserving and promoting our culture.

Our Mission

To enhance the relationships between Large and Small Businesses by providing & promoting knowledge of each other’s products and services through interaction. To create venues for our members where their businesses can be promoted on an international platform. To continue to innovate new ways in bringing the Polk County community together through life & business and by giving the outside community an opportunity to learn what is great about our community of Hispanic Entrepreneurs. All through "CULTURE , COMMUNITY and BUSINESS".

Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

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PR/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County
Attention: President
P.O. Box 2135, Bartow FL 33830

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