PR Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

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Membership Benefits

Just Some of the Benefits

Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

What you will recieve with your membership:

  • Membership for one year. (Please see what is outlined per membership level).
  • Numbered Member Certificate sent via email.
  • Listing in our website's new members directory.
  • Networking and business exposure opportunities.
  • Discounts from PR/HCCPC marketing events.
  • Member to Member discounts.
  • Financial and insurance counseling from current members (see directory) they may or may not charge.
  • Variety of yearly special offers for Members Only- anniversary sales etc.
  • Advertising Discounts – during events/where applicable.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities for Chamber Networking,Expo and Themed Events.
  • Press Releases - please inform us of your planned opening to program within time frame.
  • Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies – where applicable.Must inform Board of dates 30-60 day advance.
  • As a member you must inform us of the discounts for your co-members.
  • LINK TO LINK - An additional $25 per year - for levels Silver and beyond are included. Non for Profit , Individual Copper and Bronze Levels not included in perk.

Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

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Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

Rules of Engagement with the Membership and Board of The PR/HCCPC


IMPORTANT: As a member of our organization you get the opportunities to network amongst your business peers and learn about other products and/or services.That is why the directory is available at your disposal.

** The chamber and it's board will not tolerate comments/attacks in the nature of : political , religious or racial in any form that will affect our members and its organization from any of our prospective members or sponsors. It may affect any future relationship between all parties affected. The purpose is to have harmony among everyone with our chamber community. Remembering our mantra community,culture and commerce always.**

Within our rules and regulations these are just a few, but very important:

  1. NO COUNTERFEIT Merchandise allowed (faux/fake designer handbags,jewelry,fragrances etc.)
  2. Mutual Respect amongst any and all Board & Chamber Members. Zero tolerance for bad faith amongst each other. This can be and not limited to: Bad publicity , verbal or written harassment , slander , misrepresentation of goods, services and or contracts. Memberships maybe and can be canceled for lack of there of.Board members , committee heads maybe and will be released or terminated after a remaining board members and Board of Directors headed by the other sister chambers with the PRHCC families throughout the state of Florida. We will vote according to the bylaws instilled in 2007.
  3. You only promote your company not an affiliation by member of another organization you may belong to.Suggest to them to join PR/HCCPC.
  4. Offer your co-members discounts towards your services/products.Suggested member to member 20% OFF.Please have this in writing not as a verbal agreement.We would not want any misunderstandings.The PR/HCCPC is not responsible not liable in exchanges of goods within members.
  5. Partake in at least 50% of the chamber events.Either through participation or attending.
  6. Sponsor at least two events. It can be as little as $100 up to $5000.
  7. All Ribbon Cutting / Grand Opening Ceremonies if a member through signing up or through sponsorship ..these activities are to be handled by PRHCCPC first and foremost.No OUTSIDE Event Planners nor executive level personal of said companies. Please come through the chamber office to plan such an event or service.
  8. Any questions , complaints , suggestions etc. presented by a member to the board should be placed in writing and submitted via email.
  9. Any members placed on a committee or elected into the board should allow a background check(when deemed needed) to be performed, once this is cleared you will be placed into the post.
  10. No one is allowed to make comments to the media without approval of the Board of Directors.
  11. ALL future members need to have all and any tax ID's , permits and registries with the state and county in order.
  12. Attend the chamber anniversary awards annual luncheon/dinner ... MANDATORY and if not available send a representative.
  13. Participate in the referral program to have more companies to join and receive a years membership as a thank you (required referrals 3).
  14. Any committee heads will serve their tenure as per the Chamber President and the Chamber Board.
  15. These rules can and will be altered to suit the changing and growth of the chamber and it's affiliates.

Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

Our Vision

Being the premier Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Polk County , by helping businesses, professionals and individuals reach their full potential while preserving and promoting our culture.

Our Mission

To enhance the relationships between Large and Small Businesses by providing & promoting knowledge of each other’s products and services through interaction. To create venues for our members where their businesses can be promoted on an international platform. To continue to innovate new ways in bringing the Polk County community together through life & business and by giving the outside community an opportunity to learn what is great about our community of Hispanic Entrepreneurs. All through "CULTURE , COMMUNITY and BUSINESS".

Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County

Mailing Address

PR/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Polk County
Attention: President
P.O. Box 2135, Bartow FL 33830

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